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What are the cost implications of a roof conversion?
  • Architect’s fees
  • Structural engineer’s fees
  • Ponte licence fee
  • Building Control fees
  • Planning fees (may not always be necessary; architect to advise)
  • Build costs

These costs, with the exception of the Ponte licence fee, also apply to roof conversions in traditional masonry houses.

Do I have to use an architect?

An architect or an architectural designer who understands the building regulations and also planning law, where applicable, is required.

How long do the works take?

Usually about six weeks, but this will ultimately depend on the size of the dwelling, the specification and material lead times.

What is the Ponte System? Is it a product? Who makes it?

The Ponte System is a patented and trademarked design. It will be incorporated into your architectural designs and made by your builder to the bespoke requirements of your loft.

What type of house is suitable for the Ponte System?

All types of houses – detached, semi-detached and terraced – as long as there is an external brick or block skin.

What geographical areas do you cover?

At present, due to COVID restrictions, just Northern Ireland. This will extend to the rest of the UK as restrictions are lifted.

Do I need a builder or can I do it myself?

Unless you are a builder yourself, or have suitable experience, you will need to hire a builder.

My roof is trussed. Is it suitable for the Ponte System?

Yes, the Ponte System can be applied to a trussed roof.

I would like a dormer on the roof. Is this possible?

Yes, a dormer can easily be incorporated.

Do I need planning permission?

Generally, planning permission is only needed if there is a dormer. Your architect will be able to advise.

Do I need Building Control approval?

Yes, the architect’s and engineer’s plans are submitted to Building Control for approval.

Will I need to move out during the works?

No, the works are carried out in the roof with minimal disruption to the remainder of the house.

Will rooms other than the loft be disrupted during the works?

There will be some disruption in the area where the new stair is being installed but, beyond that, no.

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