The Ponte System, next steps

The next steps required for your project to commence

Way forward

Are you ready to convert your roof into a usable space – perhaps another bedroom, a home office or even a playroom for your children? If you have been turned down by builders who were unable to convert your roof, the Ponte System makes it possible at a fraction of the cost of other current market alternatives. However, there is a sequence of steps required to be taken before your roof can be converted.

Step 1

Start by asking an architect or architectural designer to check if your attic is suitable for conversion; for example, does it have the necessary head height and access for stairs?

Step 2

Next, it would be a good idea to get an approximate cost of the works from a builder. Building costs range from £20K to £50K, depending on the size of your home and the finishes you choose. A builder can give you a ballpark figure; just ask them to consider your house as a traditional masonry build.

Step 3

Now’s the time to contact me to discuss the Ponte System, licensing, fees and how to move forward.

Step 4

If you decide to progress with your attic conversion, you will need to appoint an architect to do the full architectural plans. These are required in order to obtain Building Control approval. Your architect will advise you whether planning approval is also necessary.

Step 5

Then you will submit the architect’s plans for planning approval if required.

Step 6

Once the architectural plans are completed, the structural design of the attic conversion can be progressed along with the Ponte System specification.

Step 7

Then the architect’s and engineer’s plans are submitted to Building Control.

Step 8

The builder will then need to confirm their quotation.

Step 9

Building Control approval is granted.

Step 10

Everything is in order and the works commence.

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Before contacting me to discuss your project, there are a few steps you need to have taken. Here you can see them in detail, helping you to decide how to move forward.

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