The Ponte System™

The unique solution for timber-framed-home roof conversions

Almost all new, large housing developments are of timber-framed construction due to their speed of construction and superior thermal properties.

With the increase in demand for more usable space in homes, roof conversions have become very popular in recent years. Owners of timber-framed homes, however, quite often dismiss the idea before they even start dreaming of what to do with that space, due to the peculiarity of their home construction limitations.

Timber-framed homes are not easy to renovate or expand without disrupting the entire house, rendering it unlivable for the duration of the conversion, not to mention the prohibitive cost implications, leaving homeowners disappointed.

The Ponte System™

Unique solution for timber-framed homes


No planning approval required

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Bringing timber-framed homes back on par with masonry homes

The Ponte System was invented by Pauline Warde to close the gap and bring timber-framed homes back on a par with masonry homes with regard to roof conversions. Now, owners of timber-framed homes are able to convert their roof space into usable spaces without the need for stud strengthening, bringing steel posts down through the house or removing the roof and, most of all, cost-effectively.

Architects and builders alike can now use this revolutionary system for all timber-framed home roof conversions — providing there is an external brick or block skin for support

Putting research into action

Pauline studied the problem in detail and invented a solution the market desperately needed - the Ponte System. After receiving an innovation grant from Invest NI, Pauline requested Queen’s University carry out the necessary research to confirm its validity and safety to use in timber-framed homes. The research produced successful conclusions and, so, the Ponte System was patented and has been successfully installed in several homes.

The Ponte System is a unique solution for timber-framed homes, simplifying roof conversion at a fraction of the cost of current market alternatives. The Ponte System allows owners of timber-framed homes the chance to renovate roof space, giving extra room to homes that need it.The Ponte System brings new hope to owners of timber-framed homes who wish to create a loft space without the prohibitive cost of stud strengthening or roof removal.

Minimum disruption to your living space

Pauline just knew that there must be a simpler solution to help owners of timber-framed homes convert roof spaces without disrupting the entire home and essentially making it unlivable throughout the duration of the conversion. The Ponte System eliminates all that.

New opportunities

The Ponte System opens doors to new opportunities for architects and builders as it provides a very cost effective and attractive solution to homeowners compared to the expensive and disruptive alternatives. As well as a growing market in timber frame home construction, architects and builders should be aware of the huge pent up demand from the approximately 2M timber homes already constructed in the UK.

Interested in using the Ponte System in your loft conversion?

Before contacting me to discuss your project, there are a few steps you need to have taken. Here you can see them in detail, helping you to decide how to move forward.

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